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The Garden of Siloam is blessed with staff members, each with unique God-given talents, who are willing to help each other and work as a team. In order to serve the children and their families who come to us with various needs, the team of the staff repeatedly has discussions on each child. We devote ourselves whole-heartedly to every single detail.

Kazuko: Paediatrician

Dr Kazuko is the Director of the Garden of Siloam and a Child Doctor who provides health reviews and treatments to the children. 

She is very big-hearted and insightful to provide the best for her staff, the children, and supporters. The radiance in her smile and determination always conveys the love and care she has for the children. 

"The basic thing is that Jesus Christ is forming the trunk and so the staff are all very committed and their hearts are all going towards the same direction. The children's progressーif you see from the outside, the growth is very slow. But in our eyes, their improvement is moving towards God's plan which is very exciting. Even the parents' attitude, change in heart, change in mind, and all the things I have been seeing are amazing. All the people including the staff, children, parents, and supporters are moving towards the same direction. And that is what I like about the Garden of Siloam."

Muhanji: Physiotherapist

Muhanji is a dedicated physiotherapist who repeatedly produces treatment programs such as therapeutic exercise and massages to improve movement and independence in the children. Not only does he execute these therapy sessions, but also looks after the children with utmost care and affection.  

His kindness and love for the children allows them to feel at ease and peace with him. 

"Interacting and serving the children while seeing them improve is what I like most about this institution."

Basilisa: Occupational Therapist

Basilisa has been serving as a perceptive Occupational Therapist since the foundation of the Garden of Siloam. 

She evaluates the condition of disabilities of the children and provides occupational therapy to help them improve their life skills as much as possible. Currently, she is also learning speech therapy from a volunteer speech therapist to be able to apply some techniques and methods to further serve the children of the Garden of Siloam. 

"It is a pleasure and a treasure for me to be working here at the Garden of Siloam because we are able to give the best to the children; those who are rich and those who are less fortunate. The staff work as a family with no discrimination, no limitations, and are considerate of one another which gives me the desire and hope to work more and more in the Garden of Siloam."

Meshack: Caretaker

Meshack has been Garden of Siloam's Caretaker since it had been established. 

He is the caretaker of the Garden of Siloam and is also in charge of office maintenance and does the cleaning, laundry, cooking, and more. 

His wide and warm smiles which greet the families, children, staff, and volunteers provide constant relief and moral support. In addition, his amusing character always lightens the mood and encourages laughter and close relations between all the staff of the Garden of Siloam. 

"I like this organisation the most because it is beneficial to the community and there is love for children who have disabilities. Through this, we are able to see the lives of the children improving."  

Susan: Assistant

Susan is a very friendly Assistant at the Garden of Siloam. 

Her charming smile and gentle way of talking makes the children feel accepted and appreciated. Her cheerfulness also invites conversations with the other staff and volunteers. 

"What I like about the Garden of Siloam is the Christianity in the organisation when we talk about Jesus and faith. Also, I love the children and their parents. I am very happy to be able to interact and play with them." 

Gladys: Assistant

Gladys is a very reliable Assistant at the Garden of Siloam. 

Her warm and gentle character allows everyone to feel comfortable to approach her, talk with her, and ask her for help. 

"I like the smiles of the children and the children themselves very much. I like caring for them, I like playing with them, and even praying with them. In class, I like to assist them in touching and feeling toys and pictures." 

Yoshito and Aika (Before)

The newcomers; Yoshito and Aika of the Siloam family. 


Tusker and Yoshito (After)

After the unfortunate death of Aika, Tusker joined the family of Siloam. 

Joseph: Driver

Joseph has been a bright individual serving as a driver for the Garden of Siloam since its establishment. 

He not only drives for the children, their families and for our other work everyday, but also looks after the children with emanating energy. Those highly active children love to play with him very much.

His outgoing and friendly character allows the children, families, staff, and volunteers to constantly feel welcome and be in high spirits. In addition, his amazing vocals during the Assemblies unite and invigorate everyone's voices while singing Mission Songs. 

"What I like most about the Garden of Siloam is that it is based on a Christian background."

Elizabeth: Teacher 

Elizabeth is a special needs teacher who continuously serves a range of diverse children at the Garden of Siloam who have language, speech, and learning difficulties; sensory impairment; mental, emotional, and social needs; autism; body movement and muscle coordination difficulty; cerebral palsy; or a combination of several challenges. 

Her devotion as well as her calm and patient approach to the improvement of the children are what encourages them and their families to feel supported and accepted. 

"What I love most about my job at the Garden of Siloam is seeing the children being able to express themselves, being a part of the Garden of Siloam family, and being loved."

Cecilia: Teacher

Cecilia is a hardworking special needs teacher at the Garden of Siloam. 

Her willingness to always improve is what draws everyone to support and encourage her. Cecilia's bright attitude and positive energy while singing songs for the morning Assemblies bring out joy in the children. 

"What I like about the Garden of Siloam is seeing the children smiling; being happy; being loved and embraced by the family of Siloam; as well as trying to bring out their potential in life that they may have not been able to bring out in their homes and in their own community."

John: Assistant 

John is an earnest Assistant at the Garden of Siloam who is always gentle and understanding of the children and their families.

His calm and caring attitude is always prevalent while interacting with the children, cleaning, and talking with others which makes the children feel loved and thought of deeply. 

"One thing I love about the Garden of Siloam is that they minister the children with all of their hearts; they serve and love the children as if they are their own; and learning from the staff and from our Director, Kazuko." 

Tabitha: Director Assistant/Administration

Tabitha is a composed and even-tempered individual working as the Director Assistant and in the Department of Administration at the Garden of Siloam. 

She manages the procurement of logistics; engages in administrative support; manages maintenance; and supports ideal systems inputed by the staff. She is focused and hardworking to improve and develop the Garden of Siloam to its fullest. 

"The things I like about Siloam is the teamwork here because when I first came, I did not know about therapy or how to handle children with disabilities. But because of each staff's willingness to help, I know much more than before. The other thing I like about the Garden of Siloam is that we put God first in everything. When I came here, the morning devotion encouraged me a lot. Another thing is the way we work here to help the children and their parents by giving them hope for their child despite what they have encountered in their community, and, a loving environment whereby they can feel at home." 

Winnie: Administration

Winnie is a bright Social Worker at the Garden of Siloam. 

Everyday, she manages the phone calls and confirms the attendance of all the children who will come to Siloam for the day. 

Her cheerful and lively character brings about a more spirited atmosphere when in need. 

"It is a blessing working at Siloam, touching the lives of the families of the childrenーespecially just working with the parents and having them find hope in the support they get from us and also knowing God is with them."

Thomas: Night Guard

Thomas is an individual working for the Garden of Siloam by taking on an extremely crucial role as the Night Guard. 

Although he has never met the children of the Garden of Siloam, he treasures and protects the Garden of Siloam every night. 

"I am very grateful for the kind and welcoming staff at the Garden of Siloam." 

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