The Garden of Siloam

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Koinonia Ministries
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Dr .Kazuko Kumon


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Account Name: "Siloamu no Sono" wo Sasaeru Kai



After being involved in various activities to promote health in Kenya for 12 years since 2002, Dr. Kazuko Kumon, now the Director of the Garden of Siloam, started preparation to establish a programme to provide education and comprehensive care to the children with special needs, their families, and the communities they live in. Her conviction was founded on her years of experience in supporting such children.

In August 2014, she presented her plan to Koinonia Ministries, a church organization in Kenya.

In October 2014, the Operational Committee of Koinonia Ministries gave her an approval to start the programme as a part of their ministries.


Establishment of the Office and Start of the Programme.

In January 2015, the office was opened in Ndenderu, Kiambu County.

In February 2015, we welcomed the first child (Samuel) and started our programme, which includes occupational/speech therapy, medical review and treatment.

In July 2015, we moved the office within Ndenderu

In October 2015, the group therapy programme started.